Helping manage business performance

‘Person to person’ approach from The Hidden Coach

My experience is as a personal ‘work focussed’ coach, having supported many professionals/leaders in the workpace to meet their targets or k.p.i’s, for which I’m also qualified to advanced level with the OCM, accredited by the EMCC, and fully insured.

Within business I am often employed by a sponsor and assigned to the sort of people who could be creating a challenge for their manager.

This presents itself in several ways…

  • The person does not seem to be ‘fitting in’.
  • They have struggled to adapt to issues ‘post pandemic’.
  • They are not performing well or reaching their potential.
  • They’ve become ‘a problem’.
  • Someone struggling with change, or remote working.
  • A manager promoted for their ‘technical ability’ to do the job, but now has responsibility for people and a team…

If not addressed, it can affect the culture, performance of others, and start costing money in unmet budgeting, targets and lost opportunity.

My background in HR helps me to understand all aspects of business performance required – this is gained in different industries, including manufacturing, charities, plus voluntary coaching for the Princes Trust and NHS. They all contain people, all with issues to resolve!

Achieving results for both parties and helping employees reach their full potential is why I do what I do!

Contract / Engagement

An important feature here is the ‘contract’ between the manager/sponsor and myself on what the possible outcomes may be – before embarking on a confidential journey with the potential coachee.


Including Psychometrics

My approach is to use psychometrics to identify, discuss, and confirm behaviour preferences and issues, then jointly create a plan to resolve these.

Career Coaching

Giving the ‘Edge’ Over Your competition

This is offered to employers to help their departing employees to move forward in the very competitive job market created post pandemic.

“I have worked closely with Shirley as my coach over the last 12 months, and her calm but targeted approach enabled me to improve my performance techniques within the company, and land my dream job. She also has a great understanding of profiling and this was a great tool to understand people’s outlook and achieve the best outcome to every situation. I was initially sceptical but very surprised at he results of these techniques and highly recommend trying out Shirley’s methods.”
Calvin (Systems sector – Quality/Improvement Manager)
If you’re interested in an informal conversation or gaining more detail of what is offered and pricing, please get back to me at