An important feature here is the ‘contract’ between the manager/sponsor and myself on what the possible outcomes may be – before embarking on a confidential journey with the potential coachee. It is essential to agree kpi’s at this stage.

Examples of goals to achieve with the coachee could be…

  • to meet x challenge within xxx weeks.
  • to adapt to or bring about a certain change.
  • to find a way of retaining the talented individual, or a route to a solution.
  • improve relationships between the coachee and their team, and for them to recognise how they affect others.
  • learn to ‘manage the politics’ and be resilient.
  • To consider providing Career Coaching.

The actual contract is the Global Coaching Organisation ‘Code of Values’ and ‘Ethics’ produced by the EMCC (my accrediting body).

Sometimes I’m also employed directly by an individual on a similar 1-2-1 basis to provide a service for them personally, and we would agree the terms between us.

Shirley is commercial, highly personable, expert and professional, and her people centred approach, clear judgement, listening skills and diplomacy are the hallmarks of her style, all underpinned by her awareness of clear business and financial considerations. When Shirley was training for the CIPD accreditation in executive coaching, I was one of her ‘coachees’ and her tenacity to hold the agenda, pursue the required commitment and monitor progress was invaluable. I have no hesitation in recommending Shirley for any role requiring business contribution, people skills and a quiet determination to win ‘hearts and minds’.”
Roger (Self Employed / Charity sector – International Coach / Consultant)
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