Each assignment is dealt with in a confidential way, I tailor-make the programme to fit the person and their own aspirations as well as that of the company to have the greatest business impact.

I can carry out a diagnostic /right fit/ planning session, and then offer a tailor made series of sessions to address the issues – often up to 6.

The fact that these can be delivered ‘remotely’ gives more reassurance about confidentiality without drawing attention to this in the workplace. Or can be held wherever the sponsor and coachee are comfortable.


My approach is to use psychometrics to identify, discuss, and confirm behaviour preferences and issues, then jointly create a plan to resolve these.

This involves actively listening, using feedback and challenging questions, then linking to various tools and models to work through to solutions. I have always been able to turn around the situation within a trusting relationship with the Coachee who is aware that I am independent from the company. This creates a unique opportunity for them to ask awkward questions and my business background/experience helps me to steer this in the appropriate direction.

This is the chance for the coachee to practice new techniques in a safe and authentic environment, and choose to go through a different doorway and maybe choose an alternative path to normal.

DISC Profiling
“I was feeling at a crossroads at work and my manager agreed that I could get some coaching organised, which was with Shirley. Very quickly I felt that I could trust her, and with a combination of psychometrics and insightful questioning, we agreed that personal issues in my life were underlying and preventing me from moving forwards. The following sessions focused on exploring my preferred strategy to deal with the issues in order of priority and steadily improved my decision making about work as well. I felt like a weight had been lifted and the experience changed my life and work for the better.”
Mark (Civil Engineering sector – Business Development).
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